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QFII Service Briefing

    All these staffs will coordinate closely to deliver better service to clients.

    We set up a backup system. When salesmen or sales trader are absence, backup personnel can continue to provide the service with same quality.

1.Shanghai Securities has good government background. We'll be delighted to assist client during your application period for QFII qualification and quota

2.We will continuously provide various advisory about market trend, law and regulation, market products, investment hotspot and all other aspects that client concerns

1.We will provide R&D report, stock rating, trading idea and market opportunities.

2.We will provide IPO placement/right issue and new share pricing reports.

3.Sales and sales traders will inform market news, rumor and market color every day.

4.Sales and sales traders will inform the dynamic events and announcement of the shares that client holds.

5.Sales traders and dealers will execute orders strictly according to client’s instruction.